Meet our team

our team

Taylor Clemons

Taylor helped found Motion Creativ as Executive Producer in 2019, his role involves overseeing operations and cultivating and developing our hand picked roster of directors. His keen eye for visual style comes from a career as a director photography, in which he uses this skill to find directors that have something special to offer. With a giant love for the ocean, surf culture, and a goal to travel to the far reaches of the globe, you can find Taylor stamping his passport and catching up at sleep at the terminal at an airport near you.

Head of operations

Nick Janssen

Nick is one of our directors and our post-supervisor. After 12 years of non-stop craft development, Nick developed advanced skillsets in almost everything imaginable in the world of motion pictures. Nick is a multi-time award winning editor and his skills are at the core of this companies success.

Head of Post-Production

Nikola Kitanovski

Nikola co-founded MotionCreativ in 2019 and has been producing content under its shield ever since. As an independent producer, his career started in 2003 which puts almost 20 years worth of experience under his belt of producing content worldwide. His forays into producing globally has landed Motion Creativ projects all over the world, the most recent ones being narrative and commercial explorations in Macedonia, The Netherlands and Sweden… Since 2008 Nikola is based in Los Angeles and is constantly in pursuit for new challenges that feed into his passion for storytelling and producing content that is matched only by his drive to elevate peoples lives along the way on his journey…

Executive producer

Riley Hayes

Riley is all about bringing people together. Whether it is creating a team to accomplish the impossible or connecting clients with the right business opportunity, there’s no stopping him from growing our network of talented people and organizations. Chances are if you are reading this now, you have been sent here by Riley himself. Loveable, compassionate, and inspired, Riley just wants to make everyone’s lives a little more fun.

Business development

YJ Gold

YJ originally escaped the south in order to pursue his dreams of Hollywood stardom, but it didn’t take him long to figure out that his talents were better suited behind the camera. He got a job at a casting office where he helped cast all manner of projects, including for clients like Apple, Lexus, Geico, Capital One, and Adidas. During that time he also worked in just about every aspect of production. It was this accumulation of knowledge that brought him into Motion Creativ. Telling stories is his passion and he’ll find creative solutions so that our directors can accomplish their vision.